Porsche Cayman GT4


Look at this amazing Cayman. This is Porsche Cayman GT4. 3.8 liter Boxer mid-engine pushing 385hp to rear wheels going all the way to 183MPH!!!


If you were into PDK, sorry, this beast only comes in manual.


Looks from the press release, they have shown blue & yellow. Which one do you like? I’m leaning towards yellow, but blue looks nice too.



Happy New Year!


At home of Toyota 86, they’re having TAS. This year, they made interesting announcement. They’re official making Toyota 86 x Style Cb. If you’re wondering what they are, this is it.


Now, this isn’t for everyone. They made this design more towards for lady. If you watch this commercial, kinda see that, they’re aiming for ladies.

They also have teased us with vert 86 again. This time, they changed a bit. I must say, I do like the color… but I’m still questioning the front bumper.




Photo credit to: Moto Miwa (founder & owner of Club4AG)

86Fest III


This year, we had lovely 86Fest! This one was at Irwindale Speedway. Started out in cool temperature, but that changed quickly. I learn by lesson from day before (SubieFest) and wore a tshirt!


A lot of vendors came to this event. Washington to Florida, all over the US to show cool parts for the twin. I gotta say, I saw some pretty cool ones, like these FR-S from Scion Racing & GReddy


Of course, OEM showing off new Scion FR-S RS1.0 at their booth. I still have mix feeling about this, but let’s not go there.


& some of you guys might seen this FR-S. Any guesser?


It was awesome event… but some of us were there for both SubieFest & 86Fest, back to back isn’t easy for some of us… like this guy lol I almost did the same, but all the goodies all the vendor had on their table kept me walking around talking and take pics.


Now, instead of showing off all the cool twins & how you guys missed the awesome event, I thought to share some cool parts I saw at the event. Just making sure anyone thinks that I get paid to showing off these parts, just remember this I DON’T GET PAID! I don’t get penny from any of these brands sell more from members buying it.. I’m just sharing some goodies with you guys. THAT’S ALL

AVO Turboworld Oil Cooling Duct

AVO Turboworld finished cooling duct just in time to show off this parts at the event. It’s kinda hard to see from the front, so here’s the side pics.


At first, I thought it was going into where BRZ’s foglight goes… but Paul from AVO Turboworld corrected me wrong. It goes next to intercooler and it can fit on both FRS or BRZ… I was still confused, so he show me on his car & it made total sense. I took some pics, instead of explaining it.

It’s kinda hard to see it, but can you see it on the left corner? Here’s a closer pic.

As you can see, it works for both NA or FI. He told me that, it should work on most of intercooler (please double check with them if it works on your intercooler).

Beatsonic Blaid Antenna


I don’t think, I need to explain bout this. It’s literally an antenna. Now, how does it look on the car? Here’s Beatsonic’s demo car with this antenna.




I so love Eric’s FR-S, looks sweet… anyways. I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s not for everyone. Some will say too big or looks ugly, some will like the look or like to be different from others… or couldn’t resist the words like “Limited Edition”. For me? I think, this pic will answer the question.

I’m a sucker for a words like “Limited Edition” or “Special Edition”, can’t help it. This antenna was only sold this year’s 86 / BRZ Style Fest in Fuji Japan. I had a option to go with ver 2 or this, but I had to go with this. If you’re like me, it is limited edition, so when it’s gone, it’s GONE~

I’ll do small review later, but for now, I’m kinda tempted to wrap it or plastidip my whole car red and make it look like this… or any BRZ owner that have Lightning Red that have this antenna please post here with that pic, thanks


FT-86 SpeedFactory UEL Header

When I say these guys are popular, I’m not joking. There are always someone coming over checking their goodies they brought with him. I should of went there in the morning when people were still parking (that’s when I took this pic).

Of course, they brought Jeremy’s newly design FRS with them (which btw won last year’s 86EXPO Autox). I must say, white, black & dark pink combo is pretty cool.

With all the goodies they brought, this part of the table caught my attention, look this all the headers!

Within all the shiny header, I saw something that everyone is talking bout in Engine, Exhaust, Transmission section of the forum.

Some of you waiting few/several months, yes, it’s not a dream, it’s actually do exist. Yo himself grab that FT86SF’s UEL header to show it to me. I was pretty surprised on the quality. Yes, true that, it’s not shiny as Tomei or other headers… but how often you buff your header shiny? They have dyno’ed it and other have dyno’ed it to prove this header is AWESOME! Inside was very clean to make sure the smooth flow out.

Again, thanks Yo for his time, even though it was extremely busy and HOT!

Cusco USA Touring A Shock Absorbers


Of course, Cusco USA was there (both days) to show some cool parts for the twins. One of the new release parts was this.


Cusco USA always had Touring A Shocks. They have them for all the Subaru cars: Impreza, Forester, Legacy, WRX, STI, you name it, they have it. This time around, they brought it to the twins. You don’t want to go with coils, but want some damper control or just want something bit more sporty feel from stock? This is way to go.

Thanks ModBargains for taking their time to talk with me and it was pleasure to talk with you guys.

There were so many other vendors: Rays, GReddy, Borla, Cosworth, Apexi, Seibon, Winmax, Injen, Works, FRSports and list goes on and on. If you guys didn’t go or was debating on going, this is something to look into.

Also special thanks to Hachiroku for taking his busy time to have a dinner with me.