86EXPO 2014

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YES! Finally, finally. FT86CLUB presents 86EXPO 2014 Virginia!

More information can be found on FT86CLUB.com, so check em out!



Recently, my love Impreza died on me, so I’ve decided to buy new “86”. I won’t be doing car journal here (sorry), but here’s the teaser pics.






Hey, sorry for VERY late update. It’s been crazy busy, that I feel like, chicken without a head… 

There isn’t much I can say about 86EXPO 2014 other than IT’S TAKING WAY TOO LONG TO GET EVERYTHING DONE! If you’re checking here to see if there’s some kind of update about that, I’m sorry, nothing. 

BUT I’ll promise that, everything is gets green lights, I’ll advertise it EVERYWHERE!!! So til then, please be patient.


Interview Robert S.


I met Bob few time in 86Fest, 86EXPO, FT86 Nation and several other events. He’s true gearhead & really awesome one too! Without a doubt, I’ll be cheering for him at SCCA Solo2 and all other Auto-crossing.

Reference: LocalFRS

Whats your day job?

Robert Stangarone:

“Chief Information Security Officer for an Engineering firm.”

Why did you get an FRS? Is it your Daily Driver?

Robert Stangarone:

I was driving a 97 Camry 4cyl auto. I was at a point where a new car was an option. I was looking at a TC, but didn’t fit (I’m 6ft 4in). Had a buddy suggest I consider the FR-S. Read up on it and really liked what I saw. Talked with the Scion sales manager at Toyota of Escondido and got a call the second day they had 2 cars on the lot that buyers had backed out of purchasing. I went down to “take a look” and ended up driving it home. Car is number_243 of the US VIN range, probably one of the 1st 86 cars to be delivered in the US.

What was the “other choice” of car (besides the BRZ)?

Robert Stangarone:

[ I ] considered a TC, ~ Was also considering a used IS250 or IS350.

Why not the BRZ?

Robert Stangarone:

Went to the Subaru dealer wearing sandals, t-shirt, raggy cargo shorts, and unshaved. Asked about getting a car and was told that their 1st 10 cars were already spoken for. Told the sales manager I was interested, gave him my contact information, and never heard from him again. ;)

Who’s FRS do love at the moment? Any FRS community folks you wish to acknowledge? Besides Ken Gushi :)

Robert Stangarone:

I can appreciate any car whose owner truly loves their car and enjoys modifying it to their taste. As I am really into racing (AutoX), I tend to favor the cars that are real race cars and not just made to look like a race car. Ted Park (sponsored by Counter Space Garage), Robi Spec, Sean Crawford (Innovate Motorsports), and some of the local SoCal AutoX/Track people have some nice cars that can actually go fast in a race environment.

Do you do track days?

No. But I’m at every SCCA AutoX event in San Diego, and attend some in the LA region as well. I also have raced in SCCA National level events in SoCal and Utah. I plan to attend the SCCA Solo2 Nationals in Nebraska this year for the first time.

Which meets do you go to?

I’ve done so many meets since buying the FR-S. Some of the best have been the Tour of LA, Friday meets at the Torrance Crossroads, Tuesday night Irvine meet, 86fest 1&2, FT86Nation, 86Expo, Tacos and Tuners in Encinitas (and now Carlsbad), as well as a bunch of smaller impromptu meets as they happen.

Do you feel that the FRS community is strong and growing?

I bought my car on May 30 2012. I joined ft86club.com within 2 weeks after purchasing my car. Initially there was so much excitement and energy on the forum with people finally getting their cars. They were just excited to have one, even if it was in stock form. Gradually there were aftermarket parts released for the car, to what could be called the starving masses. It was so much fun to watch the posts as people started buying aftermarket parts for their cars. There were tons of posts showing how to install the parts, and giving impressions of how they changed the car. This went on for at least the first year. I now see a second wave of people buying this car, and going through the same stages we did as the first group who purchased the car. It is interesting to see how the forum/community spans a wide age demographic. It isn’t just 20-somethings buying this car. I’m going to be 44 this year. ;) I suspect that the community will continue to grow for some time. The amount of aftermarket support for this platform is immense, and people love to mod their cars.

What are your top FRS related sites/Forums?

ft86club.com is by far the best, 86fest.com is good right around the time that the events happen, but seems to be pretty dead for the rest of the year. club4ag.com has a small twins section, I suspect as time goes on and the platform matures and gains some community respect that club4ag may end up being the place to go as far as forums are concerned.

Whats the goal for your FRS? Bone Stock? Rocket Bunny? AutoX?

When I initially bought the car, it was to daily drive it. My wife asked if I was going to mod it, and I said no (which was an honest answer at that time). Shortly after I bought the car one of my co-workers told me about AutoX. I did my first event on Aug 25 2012, and was hooked. After that the no-modding decision was gone. I needed to make the car (and driver) faster. Since that time I’ve gradually modified the car. I was fortunate to win one of the raffle prizes for the AutoXers at the first 86fest, which was a Whiteline coupon. $100 free parts and 50% off anything else. I bought every part in their catalog. Since that time I’ve become a product tester for the Innovate Motorsports supercharger, Winmax brake pads, and recently was picked up by Counter Space Garage. I’m currently running in the Street Modified class in the SCCA Solo2 (AutoX) against some pretty serious cars. I’m hoping to place well in the national events and show what this platform is capable of when prepared correctly.

10 Best AWD Cars & SUVs Under $25,000


It was pretty interesting article. Do you agree with this top 10 AWD cars & SUV under $25k?

#10 – Kia Sportage#9 – Nissan Juke
#8 – Mazda CX-5
#7 – Nissan Rogue
#6 – Honda CR-V
#5 – Subaru VX Crosstrek
#4 – Subaru Impreza
#3 – Subaru Legacy
#2 – Subaru Outback
#1 – Subaru Forester

Reference: Kelly Blue Book