Subaru STI NBR Challenge 2014


Happen New Year everyone and sorry, I haven’t post here for a long time. Christmas, New Year and getting sick got in my way (I know it’s a lame excuse).

Anyways, Subaru have announce that they’re bringing new 2015 Subaru WRX STI to NBR 24hr challenge with this sweet vid.

I can’t wait to see how new STI perform in the Green Hell


Aston Martin CC100 Speedster


They first teased us with this vid

At the 24hrs Nurburgring, they have shown what they were working on.

Now, we got some vid of the exhaust noise. Aston Marin’s V12 is just insane, just animal! What do you think? You like it? Hate it?

Bentley Continental GT3


After 10 years gone (give or take) from racing world Bentley is bring their Continental GT to 24hrs Le Mans race. I gotta say, I’m interested to see how it perform.


Also this Continental GT3 has W12 engine and it’s going to be RWD! GT races don’t allow AWD, so Continental GT need to loose that front cv axles.


They claim that this Continental GT3 weight +-2,200lbs! WAY lighter than road ver Continental.

Now, it sounds great but will it be able to compete against the Porsche, Aston Martins, and Ferraris is a BIG question… what do you think?

VLN Race Ended with…


With 3 victories for Toyota!

Gazoo Racing LFA winning SP8 class along with little brother 86 winning SP3 class, Swiss’s 86 winning V3 class, Toyota is having great year!

Not only Toyota, but Subaru brought STI and winning 2 yrs in the row SP3T class to prove that it wasn’t a luck winning last yr.

Nissan brining out their Godzilla, winning in SP8T class.

Just full of win for Japanese sport car today