Beat-Sonic Blaid Antenna

Here is the pics of Beat Sonic’s new Blaid Antenna I’ve installed in my BRZ.


Big thanks to Beat-Sonic for providing the antenna.










Recently, my love Impreza died on me, so I’ve decided to buy new “86”. I won’t be doing car journal here (sorry), but here’s the teaser pics.




TRD Griffon Concept 014

Now, TRD have been working hard to get back into aftermarket world. Specially for Toyota 86. Not only just making a parts and sell it, they also try to prove that power isn’t everything for fast car, by making a track machine called “TRD Griffon Concept”. Fast car by how? Testing their knowledge, experience and their pride to Toyota 86 and see how fast they can run it in Tsukuba Circuit.

On January 31st (in Japan time), they had their 5th time test, they hit 58.407!! Now that’s pretty good for 230hp 4 cylinder NA car. To give you how fast that is here are few lap times from different cars.

Nissan GT-R: 1:00.73
Nissan Nismo R34 Z-Tune: 1:01.15
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera: 1:01.60
Ferrari 458 Italia: 1:02.24
McLaren F1: 1:04.62
Honda NSX-R: 1:04.95

Some of them are stock form, so it’s not really apple to apple, BUT it’s pretty amazing thing to see 86 hitting under one minute mark in Tsukuba.

Now here’s the vid of the lap prove that TRD Griffon did mark 58.407

Subaru Collaboration…

Subaru love to collab with everything. Famous one is collab with Toyota to bring out 86/BRZ. In the Otaku world, 86/BRZ isn’t much of big deal. They know Subaru collab by anime. Few years back, Subaru collab with Gainax to make a short series called “Houkago no Pleiades” (if you’re interested, check the youtube).

Now, they have collab with one of last year’s popular anime series “Shingeki no Kyojin” (in English “Attack on Titans”) to make new commercial for their new Subaru Forester.

Check it out

Power To Dollar


Quick thought for tonight.

While watching /DRIVE, Matt Farrah made an interesting statement.

“Cayman has a worse hp to dollar”

That go me thinking & searching about this. Cayman spec is 275hp/213tq with curb weight of 2,888~2,954 lbs which is amazing hp to weight ratio… but base Cayman is $52,600 and Cayman S is extra $10,200 for 50hp/60tq more than the base.

Now, take those numbers into the equation, what do we get? We get $191.33 to 1hp… that sound pretty expensive! BUT (there’s always BUT), we know from Scion/Toyota/Subaru FR-S/86/BRZ that, number doesn’t mean anything when you have a FUN time driving the car… but for how much is too much/expensive?

Guinness World Record in Fastest Vehicle Drift

The fastest vehicle drift was 179.59 km/h (111.59 mph), achieved by Lars Verbraeken (Netherlands) at Flugplatz Kindel in Eisenach, Germany, on 19 June 2012. New fastest vehicle drift was done not Supra, not Corvette, not Viper, not, Mustang, not GT-R, not Rx-7… but it’s Toyota 86!

Sept 3rd 2013, driver Jakub (Kuba) Przygoński with 256 km/h entry speed going 217 km/h is the new Guinness World Record in fastest vehicle drift.

& here’s the vid