Porsche Cayman GT4


Look at this amazing Cayman. This is Porsche Cayman GT4. 3.8 liter Boxer mid-engine pushing 385hp to rear wheels going all the way to 183MPH!!!


If you were into PDK, sorry, this beast only comes in manual.


Looks from the press release, they have shown blue & yellow. Which one do you like? I’m leaning towards yellow, but blue looks nice too.


Power To Dollar


Quick thought for tonight.

While watching /DRIVE, Matt Farrah made an interesting statement.

“Cayman has a worse hp to dollar”

That go me thinking & searching about this. Cayman spec is 275hp/213tq with curb weight of 2,888~2,954 lbs which is amazing hp to weight ratio… but base Cayman is $52,600 and Cayman S is extra $10,200 for 50hp/60tq more than the base.

Now, take those numbers into the equation, what do we get? We get $191.33 to 1hp… that sound pretty expensive! BUT (there’s always BUT), we know from Scion/Toyota/Subaru FR-S/86/BRZ that, number doesn’t mean anything when you have a FUN time driving the car… but for how much is too much/expensive?