Happy New Year!


At home of Toyota 86, they’re having TAS. This year, they made interesting announcement. They’re official making Toyota 86 x Style Cb. If you’re wondering what they are, this is it.


Now, this isn’t for everyone. They made this design more towards for lady. If you watch this commercial, kinda see that, they’re aiming for ladies.

They also have teased us with vert 86 again. This time, they changed a bit. I must say, I do like the color… but I’m still questioning the front bumper.




Photo credit to: Moto Miwa (founder & owner of Club4AG)


Toyota 86 Convertible Pic 2

So few weeks back, I’ve posted about Toyota 86 convertible have been spotted in Africa. Here’s a bit more closer look on that car


What do I think of it? They need to do something about that 19″ wheels. It’s WAY over killed. Also I’m VERY interested in how it perform not having the top & the weight spec.

Looks like vid is finally released!

86 Convertible?

Hi and sorry for a LONG time not updating this blog. It was Thanksgiving weekend, forgive me.

Anyways, I want to go into the main topic. Recently, AutoCar put up an article about possible 86 convertible debut in Geneva International Auto Show 2013 (reference: AutoCar)

Here’s my thought on this. I’m not against the idea of convertible 86… kinda like to see targa ver or hatch, but I think, it’ll be interesting lineup. BIG question to me is, HOW they’re reinforcing the chassis? Can they keep the stiffness of the coupe into convertible without adding not too much extra weights?

I can’t wait for Geneva International Auto Show 2013

Perfect Day for…

Today, while I was driving, I saw Celica convertible, S2000, Miata, & Rx-7 convertible (FC3S) driving. From the looks of it, they’re prob hitting the canyon and do some picnic or something. It’s wonderful day, I totally understand that feeling!

Now, here’s another question blog. What kind of convertible do you want to have? Maybe S2000 or Miata and hit the canyon road fast and do some initial-D fun? Maybe 458 Italia or Gallardo convertible for some power! Maybe Mustang or Camaro and listen to the V engine while you drive…

I’ll prob choose this car:

Toyota MR-S
Last gen MR-2 didn’t come w turbo or high output (in US), but it wasn’t less fun to drive than other MR-2. For cruise and calm driving, it was perfect! It sure didn’t win any look award for sure. Some people can’t the if they’re looking at the front of the car or rear of the car. BUT how light this car was, if you want to attack the canyon, it’s great! Mid-engined, RWD, plus lightweight equal to pure fun!

How about you?