TRD Griffon Concept 014

Now, TRD have been working hard to get back into aftermarket world. Specially for Toyota 86. Not only just making a parts and sell it, they also try to prove that power isn’t everything for fast car, by making a track machine called “TRD Griffon Concept”. Fast car by how? Testing their knowledge, experience and their pride to Toyota 86 and see how fast they can run it in Tsukuba Circuit.

On January 31st (in Japan time), they had their 5th time test, they hit 58.407!! Now that’s pretty good for 230hp 4 cylinder NA car. To give you how fast that is here are few lap times from different cars.

Nissan GT-R: 1:00.73
Nissan Nismo R34 Z-Tune: 1:01.15
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera: 1:01.60
Ferrari 458 Italia: 1:02.24
McLaren F1: 1:04.62
Honda NSX-R: 1:04.95

Some of them are stock form, so it’s not really apple to apple, BUT it’s pretty amazing thing to see 86 hitting under one minute mark in Tsukuba.

Now here’s the vid of the lap prove that TRD Griffon did mark 58.407


McLaren P1

McLaren always make unique name cars… MP4-12C, F1… yes, I know it’s from F1 cars, but they need to keep the same name?

Anyways, McLaren P1. Yay or Nay?


Rumor as it that it’ll have a 3.8-liter V8 producing 803 horsepower matched to a 160 horsepower KERS system giving it 963 combined horsepower.